Assuring the baby's security is the parents' responsibility. Babies cannot recognize danger. You must consider security and comfort when you are purchasing new or used items for your baby or when you receive a gift. There are many items for babies on the market but only a few are essential.

If you receive or buy a used article for your baby, make sure that it is safe, solid, and in good condition. Check to be sure there are no missing parts, cracks, sharp edges, loose parts, holes, or spaces large enough for the baby to get caught.

Articles sold for babies in Canada are subjected to certain standards. Make sure that the manufacturer's instructions are included and that the article is not the object of a recall. A label containing information on the manufacturer should be attached permanently to the product that you buy or receive as a gift. For more information about the security of baby products, consult Health Canada's web site.

The security of baby products will be discussed later in Unit 8 entitled " The Healthy Family".