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Collectivit� ing�nieuse de la P�ninsule acadienne (CIPA) inc. launches New Brunswick Information Technology Week and its portal site

Paquetville, Friday, May 2, 2021 - Today, in the presence of representatives from the different levels of government, several dignitaries, partners and guests, the Collectivit� ing�nieuse de la P�ninsule acadienne (CIPA) inc., in cooperation with the provincial IT Week committee, launched New Brunswick Information Technology Week, and the CIPA's portal site:

The Smart Communities program was launched in 1999 under the Connecting Canadians initiative, a project aimed at making Canada the most connected country in the world. The following year, the Acadian Peninsula joined the inititative, with its proposition being chosen as New Brunswick's demonstration project. Since then, many other projects have emerged across the country. According to Mr. Jacques L�ger, CIPA's Director General, \"the CIPA project is a societal project, focusing on the integration of information and communications technologies into rural communities.\"  The CIPA project has three main components: community involvement and project management, which has generated unprecedented interest in the community with regards to its efforts in integrating information and communications technologies to community and business life, support services, consisting of a series of training and communication activities focused on introducing the community to the use of information and communications technologies, and smart services.

This last component encompasses the implementation of the network's operations, the Acadian Peninsula web portal, the Community Access Centers (CAC), the Community Training and Education Centers (CTEC), the Business and Economic Development Network, the Towns, Villages and Local Service Districts network and the Health and Wellness Network.

In addition to these various projects, the Collectivit� ing�nieuse de la P�ninsule acadienne (CIPA) inc. will, at the province's request, manage New Brunswick's Broadband for Rural and Northern Development project. It is also currently pursuing various avenues that could soon connect it to the global marketplace. The CIPA was also chosen as the organization responsible for the provincial launch of Information Technology Week. \"We are proud to have a week dedicated to the celebration and discovery of information technologies in New Brunswick, and applaud the wonderful efforts being made in the province\", says Gilles Volp�, co-president of New Brunswick IT Week 2003. \"Information Technology week is for everyone: students, seniors, teachers, youths, public servants and members of the private sector. We encourage everyone to actively participate in the various information sessions and events, but above all we invite you to join us in our celebration and discovery of information technologies, in New Brunswick.\" The CIPA will, in turn, take advantage of this opportunity to launch another important initiative, yet again adding on to the valuable services it offers the community.

CIPA took advantage of this opportunity to officially launch its portal site, created to promote communication and exchange in the community. A multitude of information regarding all aspects of life in the Acadian Peninsula is available on the website. The portal offers access to newsgroups, chat groups, feature stories, a directory of employers and organizations, a calendar of events, etc. A mascot for the new portal site was also introduced, as well as a contest to find this newcomer a suitable name. Contest details can be found at

In order to maximize its impact on the community, the CIPA has chosen to target various groups and organizations that will enjoy a visit of its headquarters, throughout the week. \"We believe this approach will have a lasting impact on the community and users. The various presentations will be customized to specific needs and will offer a better understanding of the opportunities available through the CIPA\", concluded Mr. Jacques L�ger.

Information : Jacques L�ger
Director General
Collectivit� Ing�nieuse de la P�ninsule acadienne (CIPA) Inc.
Telephone : (506) 764-1030



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