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The municipal collaboration Intranet design by CIPA is now operational

(Paquetville, Monday, February 9, 2021) � The collaboration Intranet, a unique Internet teamwork tool created by the Collectivit� ing�nieuse de la P�ninsule acadienne (CIPA) inc., is now operational in the Acadian Peninsula and, for the past few days, in southeastern New Brunswick municipalities. 

The project was made possible through financial assistance from Industry Canada�s Smart Communities Program, which offered almost 4.5 million dollars over a three year period to each of Canada�s 12 Smart Communities. 

Created after consulting with Acadian Peninsula municipal organizations who were in need of an adequate meeting place to exchange and acquire information, the Intranet was first implemented in francophone municipalities of the province. Steps are now being taken to extend the Intranet�s reach to the Restigouche, Chaleur and Madawaska regions. An English version of the Intranet will soon be available.

Mrs. Th�r�se Hach�, Coordinator for CIPA�s Municipalities and Local Service Districts sector, is the initiator of the tool�s creation. She describes the Intranet�s role and purpose. �The primary purpose of an Intranet is to facilitate the exchange of information among a local community�s various services and between communities. It is also designed to improve communication, accelerate discussions and correspondence and allow for better coordination of information shared in networking. The initiative promotes teamwork, and encourages members to share their knowledge for the benefit of all, through a user-friendly, cost-efficient solution.�

Many services are offered, such as an electronic newsgroup, a virtual resource centre, Internet links, an electronic agenda, a list of members and a search engine. The development of other applications is also underway, such as a real-time online meeting forum, etc. Practical training sessions were offered to participating municipalities in the Acadian Peninsula as well as in southeastern New Brunswick, in order help municipal administrators take full advantage of the Intranet and its applications. Presentations, training and practical pointers are offered to any municipality interested in these services.

Mrs. Nancy Lainey-Th�riault, CIPA President, stresses the importance of this achievement: �This product is an innovative example of smart services developped by CIPA to encourage the community to collaborate in a more structured way. The Intranet can also be adapted to other similar organizations or companies. Whether you work in the medical, justice, education or cultural field, the Intranet can assist your company, organization or business sector. It will help you manage more effectively the publication and sharing of information, simplify time management and the planning of activities outside or within your organization, reduce the need for paper documents, etc.,� she concluded.

The Collectivit� ing�nieuse de la P�ninsule acadienne (CIPA) inc. is part of Industry Canada�s Smart Communities Program, whose primary objective is to encourage towns and villages to use information and communications technologies in innovative ways, for the benefit of their population, institutions and entire region. Canada�s 12 Smart Communities � one in each province, one in the North and another in one of the First Nations � have become models for other communities in Canada as elsewhere, with regards to the use of technologies in a region�s cultural, social and economic development. 

For more information regarding the collaboration Intranet, please visit CIPA�s website: 


Information: Th�r�se Hach�
Coordinator - Municipal and Local Service Districts Sector
Telephone (506) 764-1030

Charles- �douard Landry
Director � Financial and Administrative Services Director
Telephone (506) 764-1030



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