• Linda Varner
    Co-Chairman - NBBWCP

    The New Brunswick Breast and Women’s Cancer Partnership is very grateful for the services provided by CIPA. We are proud of our website and hope to reach all NB women who are at risk, or diagnosed with cancer.

  • Lisandra Lannes
    International Coordinator - Section des Amériques - Réseau francophone international pour la promotion de la santé

    CIPA has greatly contributed to our web resource consolidation project in health promotion "PromoSanté" (www.promosante.org) and the integration of a custom section for the Francophone and Acadian minority communities.

  • Government of New Brunswick

    CIPA is an organization that plays an important role on the Acadian and francophone scene in the health and well-being of our population. They are ambassadors of Acadia through their innovative ideas. CIPA allows the creation of valuable jobs in the Acadian Peninsula and contributes to the growth  of the North’s economy.

  • André Gozzo
    Chairman - Forum des maires de la Péninsule acadienne

    When CIPA approached our organization to develop a collaboration tool for us, it was immediately accepted. The intranet allows our members to effectively communicate, share documents, thus saving time. Special thanks to SLV & Co women's fashion boutique, Duct Cleaners Hamilton and Business Networking International Forest City.

  • Jannie Boudreau
    Web intern Web for all

    I have cerebral palsy since childhood. The CIPA "Web for All" project has taught me that there is a way for computers to be accessible to all, despite their handicaps.

  • Jean-Luc Bélanger
    Chief executive - Association francophone des aînés du N.-B.

    By partnering with CIPA, AFANB benefits from its expertise in creating web applications for communities across Canada.

  • Nova Scotia Health Network

    Nova Scotia Health Network is thankful to CIPA for the great contribution that is offered to the extended family of Acadian and Francophone communities.