Healthy Pregnancy…Healthy Baby

A new life which starts, is…

  • a time of joy, mysteries and promises;
  • sometimes a period of uncertainty and concern;
  • a time of questions, such as

    What’s going on in my body?
    Is it normal to feel like that? Will the baby be normal?
    Will I be a good mother? Or a good father?

The prenatal program A New Life…

  • includes eight learning modules intended for pregnant woman, their partners and families
  • is useful for people working and accompanying pregnant women; 
  • proposes an original and innovative way to obtain information about physical and emotional
    transformations that occur during pregnancy, childbirth and the baby’s first few weeks of life; 
  • contains current and highly reliable information. 

The content of this program was adapted from the manual Healthy Pregnancy…Healthy Baby - A NEW LIFE © Province of New Brunswick, 2006.

A printable version of the manual is available