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At [email protected], we offer customized solutions and technology support tailored to your specific needs. We will offer you the best choices and development opportunities suited to your most rigorous specifications.
We can assist you in the analysis of your needs, or for the development of web applications- no matter your requirements, CIPA will assist you in achieving all your projects.
Customized Services
CIPA offers tailored solutions, for major projects or specific needs
A. Support services
B. Technological Services
Strategic Advice
  • Analysing your needs
  • Researching opportunities
  • Proposing ingenious concepts

Developing solutions
  • Concepts that fit your needs
  • Coordination of activities
  • Adaptive methodology of communicating content
  • Adaptation of existing models
Project management
  • Human Resource
  • Material resources
  • Financial Resources
  • Effective communication of results
System architecture and communication of content
  • Creation of necessary fields
  • Graphical design of interfaces
  • Database programming and content management

Organizational support and maintenance

  • Support for content management
  • Data backup
  • Maintaining online application

Contact us for more information about our services. A consultation will help us assess what we can do for you