What is the �Collectivit� ing�nieuse de la P�ninsule acadienne�?

The �Collectivit� ing�nieuse de la p�ninsule Acadienne� (CIPA) project (Acadian Peninsula Smart Community) aims to promote the integration of information and communications technologies (ICT) into rural community life.

During the life of the project, CIPA and the participants will set up a �model of sustainable rural development in harmony with the socio-economic realities of our rural Francophone region.� The model in question consists of a series of mechanisms to empower the population, a system of converging smart infrastructures and services, a measurement and evaluation plan and a system of communication with la Francophonie in Canada and around the world.

This model also includes a range of services affecting the principal aspects of community life. Thus, people and institutions will have integrated smart solutions available for the development of different sectors of activity such as health care, education, professional training, and economic and municipal affairs. Finally, it will give the population access to municipal and government services.

To learn more about CIPA�s project, consult the following Internet sites: http://smartcommunities.ic.gc.ca/demoprojects/demo_new_brunswick_e.asp

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